Orientation programme for NYSASDRI staffs:
NYSASDRI organised orientation programme for staffs on Meikirch Model and its benefits. In the orientation programme 42 staff participated and now they are organising village level meeting and sharing Meikirch Model information among rural community. After orientation of staff members it is easy to communicate at different meetings at community level. Our senior staff member guided field staff when they organised village level meeting for this purposes.

School health programme:
During the reporting period, NYSASDRI has successfully organised following activities for the purpose of wider publicity of Meikirch model programme in India.
In Gondia block of Dhenkanal and other places like SEED Kanyashram, Malkanagiri, NYSASDRI Educational Complex, Rayagada and ODM Community School, Kashipur are the places for practicing the Meikirch model on continuous basis. After imparting training by NYSASDRI senior staffs to concerned teaching and non teaching staff of the above educational institutions, the teachers are guiding their younger children to practice it on regular basis. For example at ODM Community school all the students wash their hands with soap before and after taking food and after the toilet. The school also practices yoga and different physical exercise training and does some social useful productive work (SUPW), which helps promote general health. Like ODM Community school, other school students are using sanitary latrines as mandatory and other work practices like doing some kitchen garden activities in the school premises to produce green vegetables and leafs for own consumption.

  • Ensuring regular practice of Yoga, Physical education, health education.
  • Promote Peer leaders as health educators.
  • Introduce adolescent health education ( for personal cleanness)
  • Social linkages with the out of school children and school dropouts ( when the girls children going to home during holidays )
  • Established health clubs, Health cabinets (one student elected from all students of school as health minister) in two residential school of NYSASDRI educational complex and SEED Kanyashram for ensuring better health of each student. In two schools, total 310 students are practicing this.
  • Training are giving for use of first aid facilities.

Village meeting and awareness:

In Gondia Block, total 100 Nos. villages are covered for awareness and education on Meikirch Model however, in 20 villages are taken as comprehensive practices of the model. In each of the villages we have discussed through village meetings and focus group discussions the cost effective Meikirch Model to prevent different occurrences of diseases. In the mean time Government of India and Odisha (state Government) also commenced various attractive health care programmes under National Rural Health Mission to reduce infant mortality, mother mortality, malnourishment, promoted breast feeding to children, nutrition practice, institutional delivery, Sishu Surakshya yajona, Janani Surakshya Yojona, Biju Kishaka Yojona and Rastiya swathy Bima Yojona for people who are living in extreme poverty.
So NYSASDRI encouraged and motivated to the rural community to adopt safe health care practices and taking balance diet, yoga, physical exercise and avoiding stress. Every month staff members organise village meetings in the presence of Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) and Integrated Child Development worker of Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS) for early identification of any deformity/ impairment in children and immediate need for health care and appropriate action by ASHA and ICDS in the concerned villages. Other examples like Women Self help groups are organising campaigns against use of alcohol, promoting and sending children to schools, and advise regular immunisations. Using shoes, hand wash practices, use clean water for the drinking, use mosquito nets, cleanness of surroundings, adding green leafs and vegetables to their food were also taught.
As explained earlier that the following 20 nos. of villages/hamlets are taken in Gondia block under this programme and they practice the Meikirch Model approaches.
1- Kalana
2- Dhanianali
3- Nilakanthapur ST Sahi
4- Jamboo Pitapanisahi
5- Jamboo Ragadisahi
6- Jamboo Pobalsahi
7- Bandhasahi
8- Pipiria
9- Fuljhara
10- Nehenjera
11- Balikiari
12- Gothataila
13- Nuakastipal
14- Srimantapur Mundasahi
15- Srimantapur Matiasahi
16- Kashipur Mundasahi
17- Kokuajhara
18- Rangamatia
19- Gahmaria
20- Nua Ichhapur

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